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15811 Ambaum Blvd SW, Suite 160, Burien, WA 98166

Upper Level Dance Classes for Teen Students

Our upper level dance classes are for our middle and high school age students and cover levels IV-VI in ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Irish, and theatre arts.


  • Barre exercises, center, stretch, adagio, allegro and pointe work with extra rehearsals
  • Strength, flexibility, grace, balance, poise and musicality will be developed
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere to encourage dancers to accomplish goals and have a positive self image


  • Develop dance vocabulary, musicality and individual style
  • Emphasis on coordination, clarity, rhythm, timing and phrasing


  • Built on foundations of modern dance, this genre focuses on self-expression and the heart and soul of the dancer
  • Emphasis on rhythm, design, shape and motion in space, with a deliberate use of gravity


  • High energy class includes warm ups, core strengthening, stretches, center work and across the floor turn and jump exercises
  • Emphasis on proper alignment, balance and technique


  • Original funk styles with an edge due to creative music choices and master mixes
  • Emphasis on strength, flexibility, stamina, isolations, synchronization and technique


  • Soft shoe basics with more challenging steps as the class progresses
  • Hard shoe (such as treble jig)
  • Emphasis on muscle development, coordination, rhythm and proper technique

Theatre arts

  • Blends Broadway dance with theater vocal acting
  • Emphasis on voice projection, following a musical score, breathing techniques, stage terminology and directions, developing characters and scenes


  • Participating in our performances is optional
  • We offer twice yearly, annual performances in winter and late spring
  • Performance fees help us cover the costs of costumes and props
  • Ticket sales help us cover the costs of theatre rentals and rehearsals


  • Download our Dance Student Handbook
  • Includes information about tuition payments, dress code and hair policies, withdrawals, attendance and make-up classes, health and wellness policies, facility rules, observation days, and class etiquette.


  • Nutcracker Ballet Nutcracker Ballet
  • Jazz Jazz
  • Jazz Jazz Christmas Show
  • Swan Lake Swan Lake Ballet 2013


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