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Book Your Birthday Party at Momentum!


Booking your birthday party is a snap! Email or call us with your name, phone number and preferred party date, and we will respond back to you as soon as possible. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to email or call us!

The fun begins with a crafty creation. Then, moving on to music and dancing, the party goers will do a warm up, learn basic dance steps and across the floor exercises. Cake and refreshments (provided by the host) and presents are next on the list. Finally, we'll come together to learn a dance and perform for all of the parents and grown-ups alike at the end of our time together. This party is perfect for, but not limited to ages 4-10.


"I planned my daughters' 5th birthday at Momentum. They have the best deal going. For around $150 they welcomed about 12 girls and had them do a craft. Then the kids took a 'dance' class. I was able to choose between ballet, tap and hip hop. Then we had cake and opened gifts. Then the girls learned a routine and performed it for the parents. It was so much fun and all the kids and the parents really enjoyed it. It was so fun to not have to deal with clean up and activities and have it all taken care of by the staff. Memories were made!"

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